Poop Transplants Make Me Laugh…And Save Lives!



Everybody Poops.

As a proud father of a three year old who is just entering the “poop is funny stage,” (does it ever really end?) we discovered a fun game that is not only educational, but plays to both of our fascination with poop;

- Take any children’s book

- Pick the noun and adjective that appear most frequently in the book, and replace with “poopy”. There is a LOT of repetition, so these can be hilarious, since poopy is both a functional noun and adjectives.

- For example, in Clifford the Big Red Dog, Dog, of course becomes poopy. In the “Clifford the Firehouse Dog” we swapped every fire adjective with poopy: “Clifford the PoopyHouse Poopy”.

- This yields great ones like; “Nero lives in a poopyhouse, he is a poopy rescue poopy.” “Just then a group of schoolchildren came in for a poopy safety class.” “Nero showed them what to do if their clothing was on poopy. To smother the poopy, you stop, drop to the floor, and roll until the poopy is out.”

You get the idea. Poopy is now not only fun but educational. Huzzah for poop!

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The Poem of Poop

The literary genius who penned this poem really captures how I feel right now. Poop can make you happy. Poop can make you sad. Well said, little one. Well said. You’ve inspired me to post again. 


We’re taking a break from updating the site. Hopefully we’ll be posting again sometime in 2012.

He has a good point



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This is Bourbon Street.

This comes from a friend of mine. He was walking down Bourbon Street with a group of his buddies and they noticed a woman laughing crazily to herself. People are kind of looking at her they walk by but its Bourbon street so its to be expected.  All of a sudden she pulls down her spandex and just starts pooping. Right there on the sidewalk.  He described it as not a healthy stool.  Parents were covering their children’s eyes as everyone now hurried past her (why children are on Bourbon street in the first place is beyond me).  The woman simply pulls up her spandex and start laughing hysterically to herself, totally unfazed by what she’d just done. Naturally, my buddy decides to casually walk up to her and take a picture with his camera phone. Priceless.